Ukulele Clubs, String Squeak, Unwound Alternatives, & Set List

Join an Ukulele Club! This week, UU is singing the praises for Uke Clubs, and the Uke Community as a whole. A member gets the podcast rolling by asking for tips for their first in person Jam. The guys try to relieve this person's anxieties by explaining how welcoming 99% of Uke Players are. Aldrine suggest they get ready to talk about the specs of their uke, and gives his own experience of going to a Uke club incognito. The team also share their one "Weird" experience with a club, and how it still turned out great. After spending most of the podcast promoting Uke Groups, a member asks how to minimize squeak with wound strings. Aldrine gives his best advice, and the crew suggest some string alternatives to consider. With the open mic coming up, Kahai asks if Aldrine can explain his process behind making a Set List. While Aldrine demonstrates a good Set List with his own "Ice Breaker" songs, and "Leave them wanting more" songs, Aaron argues that an open mic is a great place for experimentation. At the end of the day, the team reminds everyone to have a good time regardless of group or open mic setting. If you aren't a part of a Uke Club yet, feel free to Join ours!

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 If we can't answer your questions, We'll find someone who can

2:35 Do you have any tips for someone who's going to a Jam for the first time?

5:00 People love talking Uke (99% of Uke Players are nice)

9:05 Go with the Flow

11:05 Aldrine in Incognito

14:45 Join a Uke Club, You'll make Friends

16:30 The Ukulele Community is Great

19:55 Our one "Weird" Experience with a Uke Group

23:40 It doesn't matter how "Good" your ukulele is, Just Go!

24:50 If one group doesn't work, there's always more

26:20 Do you have tips for minimizing the squeak from wound strings?

29:50 Low G Alternatives (Aldrine's Crazy Idea)

34:45 Squeaks and Imperfections sound Human

36:35 Did you notice new community members during the pandemic?

39:20 Falling Down the Ukulele Group Rabbit Hole

42:00 How would you make a Set List?

44:30 Ice Breaker Songs

46:40 Second Song: Leave them Wanting More

49:40 Longer Set List Breakdown

50:50 Gauge the Audience: Command the Stage

54:30 Open Mics are a Good Testing Ground

56:45 Nobody really remembers mistakes

59:20 Audience Reactions

1:02:00 New Lesson with Steven Espianola and Kapena School of Music

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