Ukulele Festival of Hawaii, Jazz Comping, Memorizing Lyrics, & Performance Tips

This week we are joined by our favorite Ukulele Duet, Craig and Sarah. Craig and Sarah are some of the best players, teachers, and organizers in the Uke Community, and we are lucky to have known them for a long time. The team looks back to when they met Craig and Sarah, and we hear their side of the stories. Next, Aldrine and Craig recount their first time working and touring together. We get the backstory of how Craig and Sarah met, and who they have helped in the Uke Community. When UU members ask questions, the duet gives advice on Jazz comping, memorizing lyrics, and relaxing before a performance. They also answer what is their favorite duet arrangement to play? The podcast ends with some advice for people wanting to perform professionally. Besides being fantastic ambassadors of the ukulele, we're proud to call Craig and Sarah our friends.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 A new challenger approaches (Sorry for the Audio)

4:15 What are Craig and Sarah's official titles for the Ukulele Festival of Hawaii?

14:30 Meeting Sarah for the First Time

15:55 Sarah's Side of the Story

16:45 Meeting Craig for the First Time

18:45 Craig's Side of the Story

22:05 Touring with Craig

29:35 When did Craig and Sarah meet?

34:10 Which ukulele players have Craig and Sarah helped?

41:15 The Evolution of Craig Chee

42:23 How do you comp to Jazz?

47:25 How do you memorize lyrics?

52:45 What is your favorite duet arrangements for Tenor and Barritone?

54:00 What did Craig learn from Sarah?

56:55 What did Sarah learn from Craig?

59:15 How do you stay calm during a performances?

1:04:00 What's your advice for people who want to perform shows and festivals?

1:07:50 Closing words

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