Changing Songs, Over Requested Songs, Sportz & Guitar Strings

Should you play different songs, or should you play the same song request again? These are the conundrums, the UU Team is tackling this week. It starts off with a questions from last week, "How often do you change your Set List?" Aldrine and Aaron share some examples of when they changed their Set List. Aldrine also explains why it's good to set audience expectation by cementing your songs. Another member asks what makes good opening songs? This leads a discussion on songs that are overly requested, and why they won't do them. After all this talk, the guys give the suggestion to play what you like and be true to yourself. Some tangents are taken on the way to a question about using Guitar Strings on an Ukulele. UU gives some cautionary advice on why you want to stick with ukulele strings. The podcast ends with an announcement on next week's guest, and what guest might be invited in the future.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 We'll get Mike Back, New Lesson, UU+ Solos

5:00 How often do you change your Set List?

8:30 Examples of changing Songs

12:20 Set List for big shows

15:05 Cement your songs

18:00 Set List Story

19:45 Be Yourself

21:25 Europa and Iron Mango

23:35 What makes good Opening Songs?

26:55 Over Requested Songs

31:00 Jack Johnson

32:00 We Like Sportz

34:00 Is putting a D Guitar String on an Ukulele Ok?

41:50 The Dangers of putting the wrong string on your uke

45:40 Why would a guitar string sound "boomier"?

48:55 Why music shops tend to sell Low G Ukuleles

51:30 Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel will be on the Next Week's Podcast

58:15 Past and Future Guest

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  1. I missed this on Thursday, so glad I caught it this morning! I appreciate your taking time to talk about set lists. I have been making mixed tapes/cds/playlists since I was in 7th grade, so my setlist is really important to me! I know I should focus on easier songs, to build my confidence and performing chops, but I want to play what I love, not just what I am capable of.
    peace and love!

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