Song Request, Hecklers, Artificial Harmonics & Stand Up Comedy

Learn the Math behind Artificial Harmonics. Before Aldrine reveals the secret, we talk about Spicy Chicken Sandwiches and Byron Yasui's book. A question of how to handle song request leads to a discussion on hecklers, banter, and stand up comedy. When a member asks for an explanation, Aldrine shows the technique and Math used to play Artificial Harmonics. The podcast is topped off with some Student Reviews, and a promise to get Craig and Sarah on next week.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Where are Craig and Sarah?

4:30 Where can I send questions? (Chicken Sandwich Reviews)

7:50 Byron Yasui's Book: The Ukulele Music Reader

15:00 How do you handle Song Request during a performance?

20:10 How do you deal with Hecklers?

23:05 Banter is important (Learning from Stand-Up Comedy)

30:30 Learning from your mistakes

35:10 Can you explain Artificial Harmonics?

39:35 What is the optimal action on an ukulele?

47:15 Chris and Sue's Student Review: Bending with Intention

1:02:40 Kathy's Student Review: Adding More

1:09:25 We promise Craig and Sarah are coming next week

References/Resources for this video:
Youtube - Craig and Sarah
Live Seminar - Intro to Jazz Ukulele (with Craig and Sarah)
Master Class - Bridging the Gap (with Craig)
Master Class - Bridging the Gap II
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Website - Burger King Spicy Chicken Sandwich
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  1. Great episode, Brian Regan is a great clean comic, also. I tried to find the Ukulele Reader online and couldn’t. If you have a link to share that would be awesome!

    1. Hey Renee,
      unfortunately, it seems like you can only get this book in person from Dr.Yasui’s workshops or classes. If you do find anything online, please let us know.


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