First Time Songwriting, Recording Hurdles, Ukulele Ronins and Assassins

Ronin (浪人), a Samurai without a lord or master. Like 7 Samurai, this week's guest were Ronin before they joined forces with Aldrine and started their band, One-Time. Besides being Aldrine's old bandmates, Mark and Danyo are our good friends, and experienced songwriters. With such talented musicians as guest, the majority of this week's podcast is spent on songwriting advice: how to get started, equipment/software for recording, and what artist inspire their songwriting. Aldrine, Mark and Danyo also take a look back on their early days of recording and performing music. Everybody needs to start somewhere, so hopefully hearing what the guys had to go through will inspire you to start making music.

Notice: Sorry for the Echo. It stops in the second half.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Danyo and Mark

5:40 How does Ukulele Fit into Danyo's songwriting?

7:10 Tips for first time songwriters?

10:25 How did Danyo learn what chords to use for songwriting?

13:15 What Equipment and Software does Mark use?

17:40 How do you start Recording?

20:15 What is a good starting budget for recording equipment?

21:45 How did Aldrine, Danyo and Mark star recording their music?

28:40 How do you keep playing music when no one encourages you?

30:45 What is it like sharing personal songs?

35:50 What artist inspire your songwriting?

41:20 How Dan and Aldrine met (How Dan knew of Aldrine, the Ronin)

50:10 What is Danyo's Favorite Gig?

54:45 Aldrine's new Ukulele

1:02:00 Danyo's Tattoos

1:06:00 Mark, the OG Ukulele Ronin

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