Seasoned Instruments, The Hammer, Dual Blades, and Garbage Style

How long does it take for your uke to Open up and be honest with you? It depends on how much time and emotional support you're offering your ukulele. Continuing from last week, Aldrine explains the different sonic qualities between his new uke and The Office Uke. The team also discusses how an instrument needs time and attention to really develop it's sound. This leads to Aldrine recounting some of his Favorite Sounding Ukuleles, and one ukulele in particular called "The Hammer". Next, A member asks where they should go after finishing Ukulele 102. While giving suggestions, the guys get a little sidetracked talking about the first UU Live Streams. In a Student Review, Aldrine reminds everyone about the importance of proper form. Finally, the boys reveal their songs for the Mad Libs Challenge. Aldrine plays his love song for a certain Hub Maiden, Kahai does a disco tune, and Aaron pays tribute to everyone's favorite Garbage Can Dwelling "Grouch". The end of the podcast is spent mentioning the new solo, and plans for next month's open mic.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Back to Business

2:55 Can Aldrine explain his new Ukulele's Sound Qualities? (Seasoned Instruments)

7:55 How long does it take an instrument to "Open" Up?

13:25 The Hammer Ukulele

18:50 After Finishing Ukulele 102 where should someone go to next?

21:30 Older UU Classes and UU's Start with Streaming

25:15 Breview's Student Review: Watch Your Form

30:40 Songwriting Challenge #28
Use any of these mad libs and fill in the (Blank)
On the (Blank), We do it (Blank) Style
Chord Progression Prompt:
I (Blank) V

31:40 Aldrine's Song: On the Hunt, we Dual Blades Style

37:15 Kahai Song: On the Dance Floor, we do it Disco Style

41:25 Aaron's Song: On Trash Collection Day, we do it Garbage Style

53:25 New Solo, Next Month's Open Mic, and Lesson

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