Non-Diatonic Soloing, Surprise Chord Substitutions, & Emotional Resonance

"Be in the Moment," Magic Mike delivers these words of wisdom and more on this week's podcast. We start off the podcast by catching up with Mike, finding out where he works now, and who are some people he's played with. A UU member asks for help figuring out the key of her original song. The answer isn't quite that simple, but Mike gives his best guess, and makes suggestions for how she can solo during it. The Team discuss other examples of songs without straightforward keys, and Aldrine demonstrates the suggestions Mike gave for soloing. Another member asks Mike if you should let your bass player know beforehand when you are going to use chord substitutions? Mike recounts his own experience of playing with "Wacky" musicians, and why you want to be in the moment in case of surprise chord changes. One of musicology's greatest questions is inquired, "Are you culturally conditioned to feel certain emotions when you hear certain music, or is there something in the sound itself?" Mike gives examples of music from around the world that isn't so easily defined by emotions. Aldrine tries to stump Mike by asking about one of Jake's chordal choices. The guys prolong Kahai's day by listing musicians Mike has played or worked with before.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Aaron in view & The Return of Mike

1:40 Where does Mike work? (Target is coming to Kauai)

4:35 Mike has played with Ambrosia (David Pack Stories)

7:25 Can Mike figure out the Key of Kathy's Song?

11:30 Play the Scales to the Chords

15:40 What Scale is the Safest to Solo? (Songs in Different Keys)

21:50 Soloing over Non-Diatonic Songs (Moment to Moment Soloing)

29:35 When you use Chord Substitutions, do you tell your bandmates beforehand?

38:35 When is it ok to use surprise chords substitutions? (Be in the Moment)

43:50 Where do the Scale Names come from?

44:35 Are you culturally conditioned to feel music a certain way?

48:50 Music doesn't need to reflect simple emotions

50:15 Me and Shirley T's Weird Chord (Phantom Effects)

55:30 Mike played with IZ. Who does he want to play with next?

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