Li Hing Mui, Calamansi, Instrument Mock Ups, and String Balance

Perfectly Balanced, as all things should be. Aldrine has gathered the Infinity Stones and made the Snap to get Perfectly Balanced strings on his ukulele. Before opening that can of worms, we have some exciting news from Jake, and we pick a winner for the last Songwriting Challenge. The guys get a little side tracked with food and food related songs, but tie it back in with a new Songwriting Challenge. Someone asks what the inlay is on Aldrine's new uke, and it reminds the boys of when they would mock up their fantasy custom instruments. The rest of the podcast is spent on String Balance: what it is, how you can fix it, is it worth fixing, and can you ignore it after you know? This week's show is finished with stories of "How Dare You" moments, and reminders for the upcoming song lesson and open mic.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Breaking News!

8:35 What is Li Hing Mui Mango?

11:55 What is Calamansi?

14:10 The Song Challenge Prize Wheel

15:25 Picking a Winner for Songwriting Challenge #28

18:50 Local Food Songs and Guilty Pleasures

22:10 Songwriting Challenge #29
Write about Food

Make a "Happy" minor Song, or a "Sad" Major Song
Key of F

Chord Prompt:
F Bb C (Key of F)
Dm Gm Am (Key of Dm)
Fm Bbm Cm (Key of Fm)

Soft Deadline:
July 15th

29:20 What is the inlay on Aldrine's new uke?

32:10 Our Fantasy Instrument Blueprints (Bling on Ukulele)

37:20 Balanced Strings

40:50 What does an unbalanced Ukulele sound like?

42:05 Fixing the Balance

45:30 Aldrine's No Going Back Moment

47:40 Professional Players can adjust to the Ukulele (Play around the Balance)

52:10 Fixing our own Instruments

54:00 Opening your eyes: Is it a Favor or a Curse?

58:55 Bring Your Ukulele to a Professional to get it Balanced

1:02:15 "How Dare You" Moments

1:05:15 Songwriting Deadline, New Song Lesson, New Open Mic Rule

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