String Hype, Blues Improv & Bathroom Ukes

How do you play the "Wrong" Note, but still make it feel right? Before that, UU discusses if a Low G String on your uke can cause damage, and why Low G Strings might break repeatedly. This leads to a look back at uke players using classical guitar strings, and the hype around new string sets. When a member asks what scales to play during a blues improv, Aldrine demonstrates starting simple with pentatonic scales, then he shows how you can go to another level by playing the "Wrong" Notes intentionally. Another member asks how to keep your fingers closer to the fretboard? Aldrine shows exercises to practice this, and the guys talk about removing barriers that would keep you from playing (even going as far as keeping a "Bathroom Uke"). The podcast ends with mentions of future guest, and upcoming events.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Could putting a Low G on your ukulele cause damage?

4:45 Could a thinner slot cause strings to break?

7:10 Wound Low G Strings can damage plastic ukuleles

13:15 Don't get caught by the string hype

18:15 Using Classical Guitar Strings on Ukulele

26:20 What scales should you play during a blues improvisation?

32:10 Playing the notes in between (the "wrong" notes)

37:20 Intentionally playing the "wrong" notes (Giving nods to other Musicians)

44:50 Learning new techniques is like adding words to your vocabulary

46:20 How can you practice keeping your fingers close to the fretboard?

49:25 TV Exercises & Bathroom Ukes

51:45 Take away any barriers that would prevent you from playing

58:00 Future Guest: Mike and Mark

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