Disaster Gigs, Uke Preferences, & Jake or Young Kid II

After Talking About, Referencing, and Idolizing Him, we finally have the "Jake Shimabukuro" on the podcast. The podcast starts off with some reflections on the last collab UU did with Jake, and when he went from Aldrine's Idol to Aldrine's Hero. A question about disaster gigs leads Jake to explain how he learned and grew from those experiences. When we ask the legend what his uke size preferences are, we also get a history of his personal ukuleles, and an origin of the Flattop Kamaka Headstock. Aldrine asks for an explanation of Slash Chords before we ask what is it like performing with your brother? A short break from questions: we challenge Jake to a mini game of Who's that Jakémon (Jake or Young Kid). Aldrine shares his story of, "When Jake asks, you don't say no." The podcast wraps up with Jake listing uke players that inspire him.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 When's the last time we collabed with Jake?

4:20 Jake was here before there was even a UU

8:30 When Jake became Aldrine's hero

12:30 Have you ever had a gig that was a disaster? How did you respond?

17:25 What is your preference of ukulele sizes? (The origin of the Flattop Kamaka)

21:20 Aldrine's Custom Ukulele Inspiration

22:15 Jake's Ukulele History, and Ukulele Size Tier List

26:50 How do you approach Slash Chords?

33:05 Is playing with your brother special?

38:15 Who's that Jakémon?

48:10 When Jake asks, you don't say no (Aldrine's Jake Story)

52:50 Everyone feel's something different when playing

55:40 Playing with a Radius Fretboard & Using Slides

57:40 Who inspires you?

1:00:20 What's coming up for you? (Support Musicians)

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