Flamenco, Mixing, EQ, Reverb, & Compression

Be kind, and Rewind. This week, the UU Team is taking a deep dive into Audio Engineering Techniques and Effects. Before that, let's rewind to the beginning of the podcast, and hear Aldrine explain why he strums with his fingers extended. Next, the guys demonstrate several options for a diminished chord switch, and give a quick Student Review. Of course UU needs to make a food related tangent before getting to the main topic. Aldrine and Kahai give their EQ and Reverb Tips while the guys come together to explain what compression is, and why you would use it. Aldrine gives examples of compression and EQ in his own stories of recording. The gang tries to define Mastering before offering recommendations for practicing Flamenco. There is one final Rabbit hole when Aldrine reminds everyone to Rewind their Tapes and VHS.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 We're sorry for all the times we were wrong

2:45 Do you curl in your fingers during strumming for a particular reason?

4:15 Fast Strumming and Chunkier Chunks

8:55 Switching to Diminished Chords

14:30 Kathy's Student Review: Adding extensions and Inversions

18:35 Lactose Intolerance Tangent

23:00 Mixing and Reverb Tips

30:10 What does compression do? Where should you use it?

32:45 Aldrine's recording stories

41:25 What is mastering?

46:00 How would you practice Flamenco Fingerpicking?

47:35 Immerse and Copy Good Players

53:00 Old Things & VHS Rewind

55:20 Jam tracks & Lofi Ukulele Beats

References/Resources for this video:
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Youtube - Paco de Lucia
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Facebook - Ukulele Friends Podcast (Herb Ohta Jr and Jake)
Youtube - G3 (Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani)
Youtube - G3 (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteem)

Youtube - lofi beats to relax/study to
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Riff of the Week - Flamenco Riff in Am
Riff of the Week - Flamenco Riff in Em

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