Ukulele Defects & Figuring out the Key

You gotta WALK before you can RUN. Even though this seems logical, sometimes we all need a reminder to take things easy at first. It's a two question podcast this week. First, the guys give advice for how to respond when your ukulele has a problem. The meat and potatoes of this week's episode is answering the question, "How do you know the key of a song based off of just the chords?" The team explains how you can find the key by using chord families and the circle of fifths. They discuss why you want to learn the basics and play your ukulele (Walk) before you learn music theory (Run). The podcast ends with an unboxing of a new hot sauce, and taking a look at some of the mementos on the UU set.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Watch the Podcast Live to see Kahai's Panic

2:55 What do you do when you find a "Defect" on your ukulele? (sorry for the freezes)

8:15 Little Bumps and Scratches add " Character"

10:05 Most Builders or Brands would be happy to help

12:15 Weathered = Played

15:45 How do you know what the key is based off of the chords?

25:05 Using the Circle of Fifths to figure out the Key

29:35 Keep it Simple first (Walk)

32:40 Music comes first then Theory

34:55 Walk Before You Run

38:15 When did Aldrine first apply music theory?

44:10 Music is a Language

47:35 Listen to Music, and Focus on the Playing

50:40 English is Aldrine's 4th Language

54:00 Rob's New Hot Sauce

57:40 We might cover NAMM again

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