Slash Chords, Piano, Low to High G, & U-Bass

This Week is all about Low G. The boys spend most of the podcast answering questions about translating tabs from High G to Low G. They also discuss Aaron's personal Low G ukulele, and playing Slash Chords (using a Low G). Next, a member has asks about adapting Piano Music to Ukulele. This leads nicely to Aldrine talking about Jake's song, Piano Forte, and his story about playing with Jake. We can officially announce that Jake will be on the podcast in two weeks (May 6th), so if you have any question for him, send them in to The team also reminds everyone about the next UU Open Mic, and the Allegheny Ukulele Soiree. Before revealing their Mad Libs songs, the guys give feedback on a U-Bass Student Review.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 It's Aloha Thursday, You Know What that Means

3:00 How do you translate High G tabs to Low G?

6:45 Guava Jam Low G Translation

8:50 High G vs Low G Chords

12:25 Tip: Focus on the C, E, and A String

20:10 Is there any differences with the Fluke Ukulele compared to regular Ukuleles?

21:55 What are Slash Chords?

28:00 How would you translate Piano Music to Ukulele?

30:40 Jake's Piano Forte

34:10 Send in Questions for Jake, May Open Mic coming up, Allegheny Ukulele Soiree

47:10 Renee's U-Bass Student Review

55:25 Songwriting Challenge #27
Use any of these mad libs and fill in the (Blanks)
(Blanks) V I
I vi (Blanks) V
My Dog Has (Blanks)

Due Date: April 29th

56:15 Aldrine's Song (My Dog has Groove)

1:01:10 Kahai's Song (My Dog has Fingers)

1:04:30 Aaron's Song (My Dog had buss up Everybody's Slippa)

References/Resources for this video:
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