Learn to play "Leave The Door Open" Ukulele Version by Silk Sonic (Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak)

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Hey UUers!

Are you tired of playing the same 4-chord songs? If so, you are in for a treat! On this month's episode of Uke Lessons, it's the hit song "Leave The Door Open" by Silk Sonic (Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak). While not technically a "hard" song, the sheer amount of beautiful-sounding chords will take you on an ukulele journey. So settle in, here we go!

To jump right in, check out the Play Along video above & try it out for yourself. Use the "Leave The Door Open" Ukulele Chords and Lyrics Sheet for reference. If you need a little help learning this on your uke, start with STEP 1 below:

STEP 1 - Intro Chords

We'll be breaking down the chords you'll need to know in each section. For the Intro here are the ones you'll need to know:

Fmaj7, Gadd9, Em, Am7, and Am Ukulele Chords
Fmaj7(5500), Gadd9(4230), Em(0432), Am7(2003), Am(2000)

So far, pretty straightforward. The hardest chord of the group will probably be the Gadd9, which will take some experimenting with finger and hand placement. Figure out what's comfortable for you and how to switch to it quickly from the Fmaj7. Check out the video below for more info and instruction:

STEP 2 - Verse Chords

For the Verse, you'll reuse most of the chords in the intro. Just add two more to the mix:

Am, G, C5 Ukulele Chords
Am(2000), G(0232), C5(0033)

For the C5, you're more than welcome to use the normal C(0003) if that's more comfortable to you. However, the change between these three chords will be really fast. It may be easier just to use the C5 because you're using the E string 3rd fret that you're already holding for the G as an anchor to get to the C5.

STEP 3 - Pre-Chorus Chords

Totally new curveball chords for the Pre-Chorus:

Ebmaj7, Abmaj7, Gm, Fm, Gadd9 Ukulele Chords
Ebmaj7(3335), Abmaj7(1333), Gm(0231), Fm(1013), Gadd9(4230)

Actually, you already know the Gadd9, so 4 new chords to make things interesting. More explanation in the video below:

STEP 4 - Chorus Chords

For most of the Chorus you'll be reusing the same chords from the Intro and Verse. Right at the very end, there will be three new chords to transition us back to the Verse:

Cmaj7, A9, A9b9 Ukulele Chords
Cmaj7(0002), A9(2132), A9b9(2131)

The chord change between the A9 and the A9b9 is probably the hardest switch in the entire song. You're just changing one note (A string, fret 2 to 1), however that may require shuffling around a few fingers. Aldrine explains how he does it in the video below. But feel free to experiment and figure out a way to do it that's easy for you:

STEP 5 - Verse 2 Chords

During the second Verse, you will reuse the same chords from the first Verse. However, in the middle of the second Verse there is a breakdown with "hits" in it. Here, there will be one new chord:

E7b9 Ukulele Chord

This chord is a little tricky in that it requires you to mute a string. Muting isn't super crucial to this chord, and the chord itself only happens briefly, so no need to stress if you don't nail it. Try your best and check out the video below for pointers:

At this point, it's good to go over the above sections to help cement the chord patterns. Use the "Leave The Door Open" Ukulele Chords and Lyrics Sheet to get your bearings on how the song goes so far.

STEP 6 - Bridge Chords

After the second Verse, you'll repeat the Pre-Chorus and Chorus. Then comes the bridge (the "La, la, la .." part) with a few more new chords that set up a key change:

Abmaj7, F/G, Gbmaj7, F7, Ab7sus4 Ukulele Chords
Abmaj7(1333), F/G(2030), Gbmaj7(x111), F7(23120), Ab7sus4(1324)

Some fun chords that will take a little bit of practice to switch between. Get used to them and play around with different ways of holding to find out what's easiest for you.

STEP 7 - Last Chorus & Outro Chords

Finally, we'll repeat the Chorus but because it's now in a different key, you'll be using some new chords:

Ab, Bbm7, Dbmaj7, Abdim7 Ukulele Chords

You'll be using these with the Gbmaj7, Fm, and Ab7sus4 chords we learned earlier. (Check out the last Chorus on the Lyrics & Chords Sheet for the chord pattern). After the last Chorus, we go to the Outro, which is basically a repeat of the Bridge but in the new key. Luckily, by this point we've already played these chords:

Amaj7, Ab7sus4, Dbmaj7, Ab7sus4 Ukulele Chords

If you made it this far, these chords won't be too much of a problem for you. Practice makes everything much more familiar and natural over time!

STEP 8 - Rhythm

While being able to play all of the chords for this song is 90% of the battle, rhythm is important as well. You can start off by just strumming down on the correct chords at the right times. In the Play Along video at the top of the page, just strum the correct chord when it lights up above the lyrics. Or go over the chords at your own pace using the "Leave The Door Open" Ukulele Chords and Lyrics sheet as a reference. After that you can start by strumming steady down strums, adding ups in between the downs, or adding fancy syncopation and chunks:

Use the following videos to help practice the Beginner and Intermediate Rhythm techniques for this song:

STEP 9 - Intro Picking

To learn the full fingerpicking part used in the Intro, simply use the Intro Chords and follow Aldrine's instructions in the video below. Or download and follow the "Leave The Door Open" Ukulele Intro TABS for reference.

That's it! Lots of beautiful-sounding chords, lots of interesting changes. A challenge even for seasoned uke players, but so much fun no matter what level you're at. A very special MAHALO to Aaron Butler and Alfred Enano, our Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars stand-ins, who did an awesome job adding vocals and bass to the track. Also a big THANK YOU to Mark Baldonado and Kahai for collabing on the drum track. Have fun with this one, UUers, & as always if you have any questions or need help with your playing, let us know! Keep strummin'

-UU Staff

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