Hawaiian Style, Ukulele Slump, & Fun in Practice

This Week, the Team is on the search for the "Fun" Element, and Hawaiian Style. Before they embark on this journey, they start off the podcast with Song Submission reviews. It's part two of defining Hawaiian Music when the guys attempt to explain characteristics of Hawaiian Style. This proves to be just as difficult, and Aldrine goes slightly off track explaining his Ukulele Heroe's Styles. Speaking of heroes, Aldrine makes a special announcement for a future guest, and discusses the new Uke Lending program for Hawaii State Libraries. When a member asks how to get out of a rut, Aldrine and Kahai suggest trying new things, and Aaron suggests being happy with how far you've already improved. UU ties up their advice with recommending looking for the Fun in whatever you do. A "Mad" new songwriting challenge is issued, and the podcast ends with another cliffhanger question.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 What is the meaning of Life? Answer: Playing Ukulele & Having Fun

1:50 Songwriting Challenge Reviews (Submit Themes and Title Cards too)

4:50 Chris and Sue's Song

8:15 Hamsini's Song

9:40 Joko's Song

10:10 Kathy's Song

11:45 What are the Characteristics of Hawaiian Style?

13:45 Breaking down the Master's styles: Troy Fernandez

15:15 Herb Ohta Jr

15:50 Jake Shimabukuro

17:45 Hawaiian Groove

20:00 It comes down to who your influences are

25:05 Our future guest; Send Questions to Questions@ukuleleunderground.com

32:40 Advice for someone in an ukulele rut or slump (Try Something New)

41:05 Don't be afraid to make mistakes or pause a song. Be happy with where you're at

44:15 Find the Element of Fun

47:30 Songwriting Challenge #27
Use any of these mad libs and fill in the (Blanks)
(Blank) V I
I vi (Blank) V
My Dog Has (Blank)

UU Team Due Date: March 15th
Members Due Date: March 22nd

1:01:30 What do you do when you find a "Defect" on your ukulele?

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