Strings, Buzzing, John Mayer, and Motivation

"What is Your Vision?" This week, we're excited to have Andrew Molina on the podcast. Andrew is a Pro Uke player from Maui. During the podcast, Andrew shares insight to how he stays motivated and focused on his Vision. The podcast starts off with UU asking Andrew about his uke, what strings he's using, and how he arranges songs. When Andrew mentions he's currently listening to John Mayer, the guys fanboy a little, and reveal a fun tidbit about Victoria Vox. Aldrine asks Andrew how Martial Arts ties in to his ukulele playing. This leads him to suggest beginners ask themselves, "What is my Vision?" Aaron asks Andrew about his Electric Ukulele, and Kahai asks what techniques work well with it. Andrew tops off the podcast by playing an original song.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Introducing Andrew

2:15 What Aldrine would do if he won an award (Wich Uke Player has the most Hokus?)

5:15 What is Andrew's main ukulele, and what strings does he use for it?

7:05 What is the difference between the Uke Logic Strings and Andrew's Signature Set?

9:45 How did Andrew make his Signature Strings? How do you find good strings?

12:50 How do you arrange songs? Do you arrange with Bass in mind?

15:50 What music is Andrew currently listening to? (We're John Mayer Fanboys)

20:20 Six Degrees of John Mayer (Victoria Vox)

22:00 Do you have any suggestions for buzzing? (Additional Cleaning Advice)

27:45 Does Andrew have any plans?

32:40 Which original song or arrangement was the most challenging to do?

36:25 How does martial arts incorporate into your ukulele playing?

44:05 Hawaii Ukulele Players Solidarity

47:05 What advice would you give to a beginner? (What is Your Vision?)

48:55 What do you think of the Flight Pathfinder Ukulele?

51:25 Is there a technique that you can only do on an Electric Ukulele?

54:00 Andrew does a Walkthrough of his Custom Uke

57:20 What Andrew looks for in an ukulele

58:15 Andrew's Original Song

1:02:20 Andrew will be back on Next Week's Live Coaching Session

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