Hawaiian Music, Humidity, & Jazz Progressions

Do you "Truss" us? This week, the Team answers what benefits Truss Rods add to ukuleles, and if they really need them? The guys also help a couple members with their humidity inquiries. Someone throws UU a fast one with, "How do you define Hawaiian Music?" Aldrine gives some of his favorite Jazz chord progressions, Aaron explains how you can find and learn Jazz standards, and the whole team discuss what scales someone should practice for Jazz. The guys answer a final question on how to find a minor key in the Circle of Fifths before closing out with some announcements and a Special Guest Teaser.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Hot Intro and False Starts

1:20 Do ukuleles need Truss Rods? What are Truss Rods?

11:10 Carbon Fiber Rods in Ukulele Necks and Truss Rod Alternatives

15:45 Is it ok if the humidity inside my case is different from my house?

17:20 How do you define Hawaiian Music?

38:45 What's the lowest humidity where it's safe to leave your ukulele outside of a case?

41:25 What are some of your Favorite Jazz Progressions?

45:00 What Scales should you practice for Jazz Progressions?

51:15 How do you find Minor Scales on the Circle of Fifths?

54:20 Challenge coming next week, and Special Guest Teaser

56:20 Winner of the Last Songwriting Challenge, UU Open Mic on April 1st

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  1. What a deep answer to my question. The conversation it sparked was fascinating.
    I already got my next question as a follow up. Okay, Hawaiian music is hard to define.. but what about Hawaiian STYLE? What are its characteristics? I was thinking about this when I saw your jam with Mr Cruz singing “Island Style”.. if not that song itself, then certainly the comments people left on the video, after reading those, now I get it.

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