Strumming Variety, 6 String Ukes, and Helping Friends

This week, UU Challenges players to take off their "Training Wheels". The podcast kicks off with a question about switching ukuleles during practice sessions. Aldrine restates some advice from his mentor, Jake, and the guys explain the pros and cons of switching ukes. When a listener asks how they can add different strumming patterns to songs, Aldrine challenges them to play without strumming patterns at all. The team clarifies why Strumming Patterns are "Training Wheels" and why they stopped using them to teach. Another member asks how 6 string ukuleles are traditionally configured? Then it's take two for Songwriting Challenge #26. The podcast ends with the guys asking for some help for fellow ukulele players and friends.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Raindrops keep Fallin' on Our heads

3:20 Is it better to use the same ukulele during practice?

8:15 Switching Ukuleles makes you more adaptable

13:45 Adding Strumming Variety in a song (Give Up the Training Wheels)

25:10 How Strumming Patterns Started and why we Stopped Using Them

37:15 Throwback to OG UUers

39:45 How are 6 string ukuleles traditionally configured?

45:40 Songwriting Challenge #26 Redux
Write a Song in F
(F, Gm, Am, Bb, C, Dm, Edim)

Write a song about “Spice”
Include what inspired your song
Include a F Augmented Chord

Suggested Chord Progression:
I vi IV V
F Dm Bb C

Member Submission Deadline: March 25th

49:35 "Aldrine's 2nd Try"

53:10 Aaron's "Spice" Song

57:55 Kahai's 2nd Try Song

1:01:50 Aldrine helps Kahai figure out what key his song is in

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  1. Taking off the training wheels is really what I need permission to do!! Thank you for getting into this topic! Aldrine, I the hat is awesome. Glad you are wearing style again. That look suits you. I appreciate all that the 3 of you contribute to each and every video. They are so informative, and helpful. The rapport/respect you have collectively resonates with me.

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