Barre Chords, Rhythmic Chicken, Zoom Audio, and Songwriting Challenge #26

As the saying goes, "C's Get Degrees". The boys give it the gold old college try, but tune in to see if they get their Degrees. The podcast starts off a little rocky with some technical problems, but the team charges on and gives tips for holding barre chords. UU offers feedback on a co-op Student Review with Aldrine suggesting the players watch their attack, and having one person set the rhythm. Kahai advises that the duo diverge their playing, and play in different areas on the neck. A UU+ member asks how they can achieve better audio during zoom meetings and open mics. This sidetracks the guys a little, and they end up talking about Ukulenny, Andrew Molina, and other future podcast guest. The Songwriting Challenge gets the better of the UU team this week. Aldrine and Kahai show their "WIP" songs, and the boys schedule a "Retake Test" (new deadline: March 18th) for the Challenge. Even though "C's Get Degrees", hopefully the team can come back with their A game. The podcast finishes off with a reminder of the new lessons that were just released, and next week's special guest, Andrew Molina.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Technical Difficulties (Sorry for the noise and the delay, get's fixed later)

3:40 Can you give tips for Barre Chords? (How big is the UU Team?)

16:55 Chris and Sue's Student Review: Attack Angle

20:35 Rhythmic Chicken: Have one Person set the Beat

24:05 Consider playing on different areas of the neck

26:40 What are some tips for live/live streaming audio?

31:10 Tips for Sound on Zoom

37:25 Ukulenny, Andrew Molina, Mike and Mark

41:45 C's Get Degrees: Scheduling the Songwriting Challenge Retakes

46:25 Songwriting Challenge #26 (Why Songwriting is good for you)
Write a Song in F
(F, Gm, Am, Bb, C, Dm, Edim)

Write a song about “Spice”
Include what inspired your song
Include a F Augmented Chord

Suggested Chord Progression:
I vi IV V
F Dm Bb C

New Deadline: March 18th

49:50 Aldrine's Country Spice Song

54:40 Kahai's Jazz Spice Song

59:35 New Lessons and Upcoming Events

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