Baritone Picks, UBass, Recording Tips, and Hot Sauces

The Hot Sauce is back with a vengeance. This is our 3rd Hot Sauce Taste Test and our 2nd Spicy Songwriting Challenge. Before we try the "Hottest" Hot Sauce, we have to answer some questions and give some feedback. The podcast starts off with Aldrine answering detailed pick and tuning questions from his personal youtube videos. For a first, the guys give feedback on a UBass student review. On another Student's Review, they suggest smoothing out the rhythmic transitions, and the team also give some recording tips. Inspired by this week's taste test (torture), Aldrine sets the 2nd Spicy Songwriting Challenge. To top it all off, Aldrine answers more questions on the UBass, and reviews the Challenge Guidelines; all while eating the "Hottest" Hot Sauce.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 False Starts

2:55 Why do you use a pick on the Baritone?

12:25 What Softness/Hardness Pick do you use? Signed Collectibles talk

17:15 What tuning did you use for the LOBO song?

18:15 Renee's UBass Student Review: Check attacks, phrasing, and keep your wrist straight

24:00 Kathy's Student Review: Smooth Out Your Rhythmic Transitions, Recording Tips

36:10 The Ukulele Underground Podcast is looking for sponsors

37:35 Songwriting Challenge #26
Write a Song in F

Write a song about "Spice"
Include what inspired your song
Include a F Augmented Chord

Suggested Chord Progression:
I vi IV V
F Dm Bb C

UU Team Deadline: March 4th
Member's Deadline: March 11th

42:15 Prepping the Sauces

45:20 Where should you learn to play the U-Bass? Is the U-Bass is an ukulele?

48:35 Eating the Second Hottest Sauce

49:45 Eating the Hottest Sauce

58:00 Reviewing the Challenge and F Augmented

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