New Intro, Radius Fretboards, Wrist Form, Distractive Strumming

We're back with a New Name and a New Intro! For the first episode of The Ukulele Underground Podcast, the team starts off with a couple of student Reviews. They follow up explaining where people can send their Student Reviews and Songwriting Submissions. This sends the guys into a tangent on good Graduation and Wedding Videos. Getting back on track, Aldrine answers last week's question on Radius Fretboards. A UU member asks if it's ok to use your thumb to hold or mute notes? UU brings up the importance and safety of keeping a straight wrist with both your left and right hands. The team tackles a strange problem where a member's more advanced strumming is distracting beginners. Aaron and Aldrine demonstrate how you can strum with more flourishes and techniques, but still keep the same beat and stick with the group. Aldrine caps off the podcast with his own cliffhanger question, some announcements, and reminders.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 New Name, New Intro

4:00 Mikel's Student Review: Try to let each note get it's full Value

9:55 Guinea Pig Girl's Student Review: Be Careful of Your Form

12:20 Where can people submit Student Reviews and Songs?

15:10 Send Your Own Opening Songs or Intro Videos for the Podcast. Off Topic: Graduation and Wedding Videos

21:10 Can you discuss Radius Fretboards?

28:25 Is it ok to use your thumb to hold or mute the G String?

32:10 Try to keep your wrist Straight

39:10 What do you do if your strumming is distracting other players?

53:50 Cliffhanger Question: What comes first Melody or Chords? What is more important?

56:45 New Song Lesson, UU Open Mic, Songwriting Challenge Deadline Next Week, Live Coaching now on Fridays

References/Resources for this video:
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Wikipedia - Rod Roddenberry
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