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This Week, the UU Team asks the "Real" Chicken or Egg question: Melody, Chords, Which Came First? And what is more important? The guys explain their individual songwriting processes, and their personal takes on what is more important: Melody or Chords. Aldrine uses his own songs as examples of how the process can start differently, but you should always go down the rabbit hole. Aaron gives an insightful quote, "Songwriting is an Exercise in Letting Go." And Kahai brings up why you shouldn't be so precious with your song ideas. A member asks what songs they can use to practice the Golpe, then the winner of the last Songwriting Challenge is picked. It's a second Christmas when the team unwraps a very thoughtful gift from the Baye family.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Robb's Podcast Intro

1:50 What comes first: Melody or Chords? Follow the Rabbit Hole

7:55 Melody Lines Preference

11:25 What is more important? Chords Preference

17:15 Aaron's Process (Songwriting is an Exercise in Letting Go)

19:05 Ideas don't need to be precious

25:45 Where you were raised can affect if you're melody or chord driven

30:40 What are good songs to practice percussive knocks? (Golpe)

37:40 Don't write off particular techniques

41:40 Songwriting Submissions and Winners

48:25 Chicken in a Barrel

50:00 Presents from the Bayes

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