Ice Cream, Cracked Ukulele, and String Tension

What flavor Ice String do you prefer? Is it Mint, Chocolate, Mango, D'Addario's, Aquila's or Ghs? In this week's podcast, the team discusses Ice Cream Preferences and String Preferences. At the top of the podcast, a member asks the guys for advice regarding a crack in his ukulele. Should he ignore it, fix it himself, or hire a luthier? Other members ask if it's ok to use smaller strings in larger grooves? This week's packed with technical questions; someone else asks if he should be worried about his string's high tension? This leads the guys to talk about professional player's signature string sets. Aldrine gives fingerpicking feedback on a Student's Review. The question of what humidifiers do you use, and what humidity is too low for the ukulele are tackled next. The podcast ends with announcements on the next UU Open Mic, an upcoming guest for the podcast, podcast intros, and the newest UU+ Solos.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Pod it Up

1:20 What is our favorite Ice Cream?

2:40 If you have a crack in your ukulele, what should you do?

16:00 Is it ok to use Narrow Strings with a Wide Groove Nut?

21:15 What is Kahai's Second Favorite Ice Cream?

23:15 Can strings be too high tension? Is it something to be worried about?

27:45 Different players' string preferences

34:20 Rumor: Different String Brands come from the same factory

37:45 Kathy's Student Review: Watch your Fingerpicking Angle

45:40 Aldrine's new video and his upcoming video project

50:20 What Humidifiers do you use?

56:30 What is low humidity for an ukulele?

58:35 Announcements: Next Open Mic, Andrew Molina, Podcast Intros, Pua Hone Solo

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