Tastiest Ukulele Podcast, Left Handed Players, Coco, and New Theme Songs

Is this the Final Death of Live Lesson? Not really, We'll be back next week with a new name. In the meantime, "Please Remember Us?" As a Final Goodbye to Thursday Live Lesson, the guys start off with a question about Left Handed Players. Next, Aldrine explains why he's mostly seen playing a tenor uke, and why he uses this particular ukulele for UU Lessons. A quick detour to Aldrine's Favorite Pixar movie, Coco, is made, then a discussion on Children specific lessons on UU. The first question of THe Ukulele underground Podcast is readied for next week before the UU Team reveals their theme songs for the Podcast. Aldrine and Kahai both "Wrote" two songs each while Aaron shares his 90's Sitcom inspired song. The Lesson ends with a Final Farewell, and an explanation of next week's Open Mic and Live Coaching Schedule.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 We cannot give legal or medical advice, but we are the tastiest ukulele podcast

5:20 If somebody is left handed, do they have to learn ukulele "left handed"?

8:35 There are more benefits learning right handed even if you are left handed

14:35 It doesn't matter what is your dominant hand, it always feels awkward when you first learn

20:15 Does Aldrine always play a Tenor Ukulele?

24:35 Why Coco is made for Aldrine

27:40 Is there any reason Aldrine uses his "Teacher Model" for lessons

31:55 Ukuleles with less finish sound better

37:45 Do you have lessons for Children?

45:10 The First Ukulele Underground Podcast Question: Can you discuss Radius Fretboards?

46:05 Songwriting Challenge #25
Make a Theme Song

Make a Theme Song for The Ukulele Underground Podcast

Suggested Chord Pattern:
I ii IV
A Bm D (Key of A)
G Am C (Key of G)
F Gm Bb (Key of F)
C Dm F (Key of C)

Viewer Submitted Songs Due: February 11th

48:00 Aldrine's Podcast Life Song

50:20 Aldrine's Instrumental Theme Song

52:40 Kahai's Kablam (Inspired) Theme

53:15 Kahai's Closing Song

56:25 Aaron's Family Matters (Inspired) Song

58:30 We want to hear your theme songs. It might be used for the podcast

1:02:20 Goodbye Thursday Live Lesson

1:03:45 Open Mic after the Ukulele Underground Podcast. Live Coaching is on Fridays at 2:20 PM HST

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