UU Open Mics, The Undies, Wide Necks, and The E Chord

You don't want to miss this Week's Live Lesson! Our Resident "PROFESSIONAL" Ukulele Player, Aldrine Guerrero, reacts to questions he has never seen before! Now, that we've got the Clickbait out of the way, we can actually talk about what happens in this week's Podcast. The guys start off with a discussion on the new name of the Podcast, and more details on the upcoming Open Mic. They take a short detour to reminisce the Undies before coming back to answer a question about Nut Widths. This leads into why people use the excuse that their hands are not the right size, and what are the most common fixes. When Player Nuances are brought up, Aldrine and Aaron explain Hot Hawaiian Nights. Aldrine shows some appreciation for different Players and their Styles. The team explains how 14 years of teaching has changed and evolved the UU lessons. A new Songwriting Challenge is made and the Podcast ends on another Cliffhanger question.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Ukulele Underground Podcast or THE Ukulele Underground

3:30 Ukulele Underground Open Mic on February 4th (2:30pm Hawaii Time)

5:35 What are the Undies?

8:25 Where is the Open Mic, and How do people find out?

15:15 How wide is Aldrine's Ukulele's Nut?

18:25 Our Ultrawide Neck Prank. Does neck width really matter?

20:20 Are my fingers too small for Barre Chords and E Chords?

23:45 Why form is so important. Barre Chord Breakdown

29:10 Keeping your thumb position higher, and Keeping your Wrist Straight

32:45 Different Styles Different Ways to Hold Chords

36:15 Hot Hawaiian Nights: Pay Attention to Your Favorite Player's Nuance

40:55 Play What Works for You. You don't need to stick to one Style.

44:40 Everybody's a Professional on Youtube

47:25 What we gained from teaching for 14 Years

54:45 Songwriting Challenge #25
Make a Theme Song

Make a Theme Song for The Ukulele Underground Podcast

Suggested Chord Pattern:
I ii IV
A Bm D (Key of A)
G Am C (Key of G)
F Gm Bb (Key of F)
C Dm F (Key of C)

UU Team Due Date: January 28th
Viewer Submitted Songs Due: February 11th

1:01:20 Cliffhanger Question: How should a Left Handed Person learn Ukulele?

1:06:35 Open Mic Details

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