French Fry Grease, Adding Variety, Inversions and Trasposing

This week, the team eats Hot Sauces and has some Hot Announcements. Aldrine starts off the Live Lesson talking about changes to the Podcasts, changes to 1 on 1 Coaching, and the return of the UU+ Open Mics. Next, the guys dive right back into the Cliffhanger Question from last week. Aldrine gives suggestions on how to add "Spice" to the old and tired Island Strum. Aaron shares a heartwarming story about an Ukulele Club from a correctional facility, and how they changed songs to better reflect their experiences. The team tackles making inversions and transpositions easier to understand. Finally, Aldrine tries the Hot Sauces while answering questions about Angry Beavers, Stealth Tuners, and Practicing Scales. The podcast ends with a Student Review, and a Preview of the next UU+ Solo.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 A Change is Gonna Come

3:55 Open Mics are coming back and Live Coaching Changes

11:00 Last Week's Cliffhanger Question: How can I add Variety to my Uke Club's Playing?

19:25 Coffee Creek Correctional Facility Ukulele Club

23:45 Adding and Simplifying Inversions

28:30 Using Movable Shapes to Transpose a Song

37:15 Trying Hot Sauces

39:40 What is Aldrine's thoughts on the Angry Beavers?

40:55 Why do you not like the Gotoh Stealth Tuners? Tuning Ratios Explained

50:15 How do you get faster and more precise with playing the Scales?

55:25 Renee's Student Review

59:40 The Next UU+ Solo

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