Microphones, Audio Latency, Tuning Gears, and Writing Melodies

The UU Team is back! And they're starting off on the Right Foot. With no technical problems, the guys dive right back in with Recording Tips, Microphones, and Home Recording suggestions. Aldrine asks Kahai and Aaron how their Holidays were, and makes an announcement about his own Youtube Channel. While Aldrine attempts to open a gift from a member, he also answers questions about Alternate Tunings, and playing with a Guitarist. The team discusses how difficult it is to change your own Tuning Gears, and what are some good replacement brands? Each UUer explains their process for writing melodies, and a winner for the last Songwriting Challenge is picked. The episode ends on a teaser for next week!

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Starting off on the right foot

3:00 Home Recording and Microphone recommendations

11:45 Right Equipment for the Right Situation, Don't cheap out on Audio

15:25 Tips for Audio Latency when Recording

23:15 Holiday Recaps

28:20 Aldrine Restarted His Youtube Channel

29:45 Can Alternate Tunings Cause Trouble for Instruments?

36:10 How do you decide what parts to play when you play with a guitarist?

41:20 Unboxing

43:50 How hard is it to Swap Tuning Gears? What are some good Tuning Gears?

53:30 How do you write the Melody to songs?

1:02:50 Live Lesson Challenge Entries and Winner

1:06:30 Next time on Thursday Live Lesson!

References/Resources for this video:
Aloha Friday - October 9, 2020 Jam Replay (Watch Aldrine play all of Noho Pai Pai)
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Amazon - M-Audio AIR

Website - Focusrite Scarlett Interfaces
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Uke Minutes - Slack Key Tuning
TLL Podcast #111 – Open Tunings Open Minds
UU Podcast – Interview with James Hill (James Explains Canadian Tuning)
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Youtube - What is BEBE tuning? (James Hill)

Youtube - Lyle Ritz
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Merch Store - AGXAQ Strings (Aldrine's Strings)

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  1. Aloha Guys,
    Well, I want to venture into using pedals. Do you have any links, past forum posts, or other references I can check for what’s out there? I would just want a simple setup which I can use when I play in my church worship band.


    1. Hey Tony!

      Here are a couple:
      -Imua Garza talks about his pedal setup for ukulele in his master class.
      -Blog post about pedals

      Basically for a great sounding acoustic ukulele, a reliable DI (Aldrine likes the LR Baggs Venue or the Radial JDI), and a nice sounding reverb (Imua uses the Hall of Fame by TC Electronic, Aldrine occassionally uses the Boss FDR-1 Fender ’65 Reverb pedal) will go a long way. For fun, add a delay pedal to your chain, or anything else that you might find fun, but use sparingly in order to let the natural sound of your ukulele shine. Hope that helps!

      -Aaron (& the UU guys)

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