Fingerpicking Patterns, Feeling Rhythm, Instrumental Ukulele

Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme, Get on up it's Live Lesson Time! For the last Live Lesson of the Year, the UU Team has a new set up, but bringing it back to the fundamentals of feeling the beat. A student Review leads the guys to demonstrate how to play along without Strumming or Picking Patterns. Some Grammy Winning musicians are discussed before a question on Country Rhythm is tackled. Each UUer gives their top Ukulele Instrumental Albums and their top Jazz Albums. A winner for the Quote Contest is picked. The Podcast is topped off with the team's newest songs.

Reminder: We're taking a break for Christmas and New Years, but we'll be back in a couple weeks (January 7th). We hope you guys have a Safe Holiday, and a Happy New Year, and we'll see you guys when we come back!

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Now with Split Screen

2:50 Rob's Student Review: Work on Your Roll/ Incorporate Fingerpicking

7:45 Fingerpicking Patterns and Strumming: Feel the Rhythm

14:30 Why you shouldn't rely on Strumming Patterns

17:35 Playing with "Out of Tune" Music

18:30 Making a Basic Fingerpicking Pattern

19:35 The Best way to Learn is to try it out

22:25 Grammy Winners: Jacob Collier and Daniel Ho

27:25 Country Strumming and Rhythm

30:45 Crossroads and Dying Media

32:25 Favorite Instrumental Ukulele Albums

39:45 Favorite Jazz Albums

44:00 Winner of the Quote Contest

48:05Songwriting Challenge #24
Write a song for "Delightful Moon Gazing". Incorporate it as Lyrics or use it as inspiration. You can use any combination of the words.

Minor Chord Substitution
or Freestyle Jazz
Classic Country

Suggested Chord Progression:

UU Members Due Date: January 7th

50:30 Aldrine's Song

56:00 Aaron's Song

1:03:10 Kahai's Song (Listen to the Audio Podcast to Hear it Louder)

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