Tuners, Pedals, Stocking Stuffers, Ukulele Gifts, and Aging Wood

We're making a list, and we're checking it twice. We're going to find out what are UU's top gifts for this Holiday Season. The guys bring recommendations for stocking stuffers, diy presents, practical tools, and top shelf gifts. The team starts out with suggestions for tuners, fretboard Oil, and general Uke care products. This leads to Aldrine pitching his Idea for Ukulele Loot Crates. More pragmatic gifts like strings, polish cloths, and humidifiers are discussed before going into the top Ukulele and Music books. Aldrine offers a sentimental DIY alternative to music books, and gives his top gift for a Ukulele Player (a UU+ Subscription). Kahai proposes Audio Recorders or Audio interfaces for the Uke Player who already has everything. Effects Pedals are introduced as a fun gift for Uke Players with plug in Ukuleles. The guys wrap up the podcast by answering the question, "Does the aging of wood really affects the sound of the ukulele?"

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Say, "What's up?"

3:20 What are some good gifts for Uke Players?

6:25 Tuners

12:40 Fretboard oil and Uke General Care Products

15:15 Why isn't there a loot crate for Ukulele?

18:20 Strings, Polish Cloths, Straps

22:40 Humdifiers & Microber Cloths

25:00 Music Books

30:20 UU+ Subscription
If you want to gift a UU+ Subscription, email us at Questions@ukuleleunderground.com

24:50 Audio Recorders and Audio Interfaces

36:00 Wall Hangers, Effect Pedals, and Misc

45:25 Digital Vs Analogue (App Vs Clip On Tuner)

47:15 DIs Vs Effects Pedals

49:50 Ito En pleas sponsor us

54:30 Does age really affect the sound of ukuleles?

1:01:00 Ukulele's aging and "Opening Up"

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