Solid Body Electric Ukuleles, Maple Syrup Candy, and Thumb Picks

This Week, the gang delivers powerful Psychic Divination on the future of the Solid Body Electric Uke. Call the Toll Free Number NOW to find out what's in store for these instruments. Aldrine states the changes in playing to accommodate the progress of Solid Body Ukes, Aaron divines who it will be that will take the instrument to new heights, and Kahai forecast what builders need to do to make the Electric Ukulele better than ever. The team takes a break from being psychics to open and react to maple candies they received from the community. Some positive feedback is offered to a Student Review and a Song Challenge Submission. Members ask how to choose a thumb pick, and where the thumb pick should be positioned on your finger? A winner is chosen for the Songwriting Challenge, and a new Challenge is set. The lesson is topped off with a discussion about Popular Karaoke Songs in Asia, New Lessons Announcements, the Merch Store Restock, and a Holiday Coupon Code.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Call our "Toll Free Number" for a free Ukulele Reading

2:50 What do you think about Solid Body Ukuleles?

6:20 Bringing the Electric Ukulele to the Public Eye

10:05 Who/What will develop the Electric Uke Style, and bring it to the Masses?

21:05 Unboxing and Maple Candy Reaction

28:55 Chris and Sue's Song. Rob's Student Review

33:05 When you get better, you can play closer to what you hear in your head

34:25 How do you choose a thumb pick?

39:25 Different Types of Picks

45:55 If you want to send us something, you can mail it to
Ukulele Underground
P.O. Box 1027
Koloa, HI 96756

48:45 Picking the Winner of the Songwriting Challenge

53:05 Songwriting Challenge #24
Write a song for "Delightful Moon Gazing". Incorporate it as Lyrics or use it as inspiration. You can use any combination of the words.

Minor Chord Substitution
or Freestyle Jazz
Classic Country

Suggested Chord Progression:

UU Team Due Date: December 17th
UU Members Due Date: January 7th

1:01:05 Why are country songs so popular in Asian countries?

1:05:25 New Lesson, New Solo Next Week, and Restock + Coupon for the Merch Store

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