Ukulele Friends, Video Game Music, and Jive Song Repertoire

How do you Listen for the Tur"Key" of a song? The team explains their process for using your ear to find the key of a song, and how you practice to build this skill. But first, the guys have to make their weekly 90's reference, and discuss the Ukulele Friends' Podcast they were just on. Next they answer a member's question on transposing Video Game Music, and share their favorite Video Game Musicians. Aldrine explains why you want to keep your barre chords straight in a student review. A question about building your song repertoire sends the boys down a deep rabbit hole. Aldrine breaks down his two song per week methodology, kahai suggest not overlooking simple songs, and Aaron gives the age old wisdom of, "enjoy the process." The guys finally explain how to figure out a song's key. They discuss how everyone starts off slow, and how learning the "wrong" notes are just as important as learning the "right". UU reveals their songs that they pulled from thin air. At the end of the podcast, a new giveaway is announced, and a reminder that we won't be here next week is made.

Next Week, there will be no Live Lesson, 1 on 1 Coaching, or Aloha Friday Jam. The UU Team is taking a break for Thanksgiving. Please spend the week "Safely" with your family and friends, and we'll see you guys on December 3rd.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Send questions to Stick Stickly, and Ukulele Friends Hawaii

2:50 Do you have tips for transposing music from games?

10:20 Our favorite Video Game Musicians

17:20 Rob's Student Review: Keep Your Barre's Straight

21:30 How do you build a song repertoire? Song Practice Regimen

26:05 Don't Overlook Simple or Easy Songs

29:00 How well do you know a song? Just Enjoy the Process

32:20 How do you figure out a key by ear?

35:55 Take it note by note and don't be afraid to make mistakes

38:15 Fret by Fret. Pros also "Play around" to figure out the key

41:10 Training our Relative Pitch

45:30 Songwriting Challenge #23

Write a song for "Thankful Jive Turkey". Incorporate it as Lyrics or use it as inspiration. You can use any combination of words.

Also include a reference to Lilikoi
Funk or Reggie (Reggae)
Include a minor 4th chord

UU Members Due Date: December 3rd

47:40 Aldrine's Song

50:50 Funk Strumming and Techniques

53:20 Kahai's Song

58:35 Aaron's Song

1:04:05 Live Lesson Quote Giveaway
Email your Favorite TLL Quote

1:07:10 New UU+ Solos. No TLL or Friday Jam Next Week

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Live Seminar - Intro to Jazz with Craig and Sarah
Master Class - Bridging the Gap with Craig Chee
Master Class - Bridging the Gap with Craig Chee II
Youtube - Kama Hopkins
Youtube - Brittni Paiva
Youtube - Jake Shimabukuro

Youtube - Snake Pass OST (Song Glen wants to transpose)
Uke Lesson – Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo Theme)
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Ukulele 101 – Week 7: Chords, Chords, Chords (Barre Chords)
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UU+ Solos – Hanalei Moon

Song Library - 287 Songs
TLL Podcast #129 – Song Practice Routine
Improvement System - Essential Chords (Basic Chords)
Improvement System - Essential Chords 2 (Major7 and 7th Chords)

Song Library - Songs Made Easy
Songs Made Easy - Just the Way You Are
Ukulele Challenge - Teach 5 Strangers
Youtube - Bohemian Rhapsondy
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Ukulele 101 – Week 2: Basic Ear Training
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Printable Resourcse - All Notes and Major Scales
Ukulele Challenge – ROAD TRIP on KAUAI!
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Solo Secrets – REVEAL: Playing “Wrong” Notes
Ukulele Challenge - JAKE or Young KID??

Youtube - Do you have Perfect Pitch? (Adam Neely)
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UU+ Forum - Songwriting Challenge Megathread(Submit Songs Here)
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Uke Lesson – Uptown Funk
Youtube - September
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TLL Podcast #127 – Low High Afternoon Sky
Wikipedia - Musical Cryptogram
Youtube - The Hustle
Youtube - Bob's Burgers "We're Saving the Bird"

UU+ Solos - Tiny Bubbles
Youtube - Ukulele Underground Channel

Live Lesson Podcast Archive
Old Live Lesson Archive (August 7th, 2014 - March 1st, 2018)

Aloha Friday Jam Live
Aloha Friday Jam Replays

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