Strumming Emphasis, Easy Skanking, and the E chord

This Week's Podcast starts off with a Public Apology from Aldrine. Mistakes were made in one of the previous Live Lessons, and Aldrine now knows the difference between a Major9 and an Add9 Chord. With that weight off his chest, Aldrine demonstrates and explains the reggae strum. He also introduces the term, Skank, and the whole UU Team explains why it helps to feel the "Skank" or "Groove" of the song. A student review leads the guys to reveal their Beatles Hot Take. A member asks about how you might emphasize strumming differently for low and high G ukes? This starts a tangent on why people own so many different instruments. The podcast ends with the boys offering some suggestions for the E/Barre Chords, and Aldrine giving some sage advice, "Just hold it down."

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 The Lost Aaron and Kahai Sleepover Slumber Party

1:20 Aldrine's Public Apology: The Real Difference between 9 and add9

4:30 Can you demonstrate the Reggae Strum again?

11:55 Get Up Stand Up and Oloman

16:10 Learning through Playing and Feeling. Swing and Groove

20:20 Wesley's Student Review: Twist Your Wrist

24:25 Our Beatle's Hot Take

26:55 Playing efficiently and having fun

29:00 Strumming Emphasis on a High G vs Low G

33:45 Don't worry about accuracy, just keep playing

35:40 Low vs High: Apples vs Oranges (Different Instruments for Different Styles/Songs)

45:05 Song Writing Extension and Prize
Songwriting Challenge #23

Write a song for "Thankful Jive Turkey". Incorporate it as Lyrics or use it as inspiration. You can use any combination of words.

Also include a reference to Lilikoi
Funk or Reggie (Reggae)
Include a minor 4th chord

UU Team Due Date: November 19th
UU Members Due Date: December 3rd

49:45 How long did it take your finger to adjust for barre chords? (E Chord Tips)

54:50 Barre Chord Tips

1:00:20 You don't need to master chords before you play songs (Holding some Chords Takes Time)

1:03:00 Just Hold It, Our Regular Schedule is Back (More Private Lessons)

1:05:05 New UU+ Solo on Sunday and Aldrine will be on the Ukulele Friends Podcast next Thursday

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