Li Hing Mui, Liliko`i, Songwriting Challenge #23, and Effective Practice Structure

This Week Aldrine breaks down how he would personally practice a song. Before he does, the team reviews the Songwriting Challenge Submissions and pick a winner for the giveaway. A new Songwriting Challenge is set using the same formula as the last one. The words the guys choose for this challenge are "interesting" to say the least. There are some slight tangents with Kahai explaining what Li Hing Mui is, and Aldrine explaining his Liliko`i Turkey recipe. One of the bonus challenges steers the discussion into how to use a minor and Add9 chord substitution. Aldrine demonstrates how he would divide a 30 minute practice into 4 parts: Chords, Groove, Line By Line, and Key/Scale exercises. He also shows how you can keep your practices interesting and how you can expand upon the song you are practicing. The podcast is topped off with a question about transferring Guitar Riffs to Ukulele, and an announcement that there will be no Live Lesson, 1 on 1 Coaching and Jam next Week. The team should be back the following week (November 12th). See you then!

P.S. Hawaii doesn't follow Daylight Savings, so make sure to check what time the Live Lessons, 1 on 1 Coaching, Jams and Private Lessons Will be for You.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Are we live?

3:00 What is Li Hing Mui? Li Hing Mui Combos

5:05 Songwriting Submissions and Winners

7:10 Dried Starfruit and Persimmons

8:55 Songwriting Challenge #23

Write a song for "Thankful Jive Turkey". Incorporate it as Lyrics or use it as inspiration. You can use any combination of words.

Also include a reference to Lilikoi
Funk or Reggie (Reggae)
Include a minor 4th chord

Suggested Chord Progressions (not mandatory):
I vi IV V

Example Chords using Progression:
C Am F G
G Em C D
F Dm Bb C

12:10 Aldrine's Liliko`i Turkey. Are Passionfruit and Liliko`i Different?

19:40 How do you use chord extensions (add9 in particular)?

22:25 Is there a difference between a 9 Chord and an Add9 Chord?

26:45 How do you have an effective song practice?

29:00 Learn the Chords (Chord Switching Exercises)

30:45 Keep it interesting by switching the Rhythm and Genre

33:05 Work on the Right Hand (Learn the Groove)

34:15 Feeling the Heartbeat

37:30 Experiment and find options. Diversify your playing

41:00 Practice Line by Line, and Isolate the Problems

44:00 Use your best Judgement: Adjust your Practice Time to the Song and You

46:35 What Key is the Song in? (Key and Scale Practice)

49:55 Use different Scale and Key Practices

51:30 You can Practice Chords Line by Line too

53:40 Record yourself and play over it (Practice Improvising)

55:10 What if you have more than 30 minutes to Practice?

58:05 How do you transfer a Guitar Riff to Ukulele?

1:05:00 New Play Along on the 1st. We're not going to be here next week (No Live Lesson, 1 on 1, or Jam)

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