Technique Toolbox, Whiplash Teachings, Rights and Wrongs

It's the Final Showdown: Chuck VS Chunk! Which is the "Right" technique? The answer may surprise you. Before the team settles this debate, they review a student, and give their thoughts on why she is doing so well. Aldrine takes some pride in being the "General Practitioner" of the Ukulele world, and gives some recommendations to more "Specialized" professionals. A tip on recording yourself or practicing in the mirror leads the guys to question if there really are Right and Wrong Techniques. Kahai suggest you expand your technique toolbox, and instead of throwing techniques away, store them for later. A recap of Aldrine being on an online Ukulele Festival reminds him of his Music Teacher. Aldrine and Kahai reminisce their Highschool Band Days and compare it to the movie, Whiplash. Finally, UU sets the record straight on Chucking VS Chunking, and end with some other Musical Buzzwords that may have been misinterpreted by the Ukulele Community.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Renee's Student Review: Sync your left and Right Hand

5:25 Get to a level where you can have fun and express yourself

7:20 The point is not to be the best (The General Practitioner of Ukulele)

9:55 Record Yourself or Practice in front of a Mirror

10:55 It's not wrong, there just might be a better way

13:40 You don't need to forget or throw away tools

14:30 Why Aldrin doesn't like to use the word "Wrong"

17:20 Try to copy and Emulate Good Players

21:20 Aldrine on Kyas' Ukulele Festival & the HiSessions Podcast

27:40 Aldrine's Music Teacher & Whiplash

30:50 Our Highschool Band Stories

39:00 Recording Yourself can help you identify problems

42:30 Chunk Vs Chuck

48:50 Buzzwords don't necessarily mean what you think

51:50 Know the Difference Between Oboe and Clarinet. Messing with better Musicians

55:50 Song Challenge Winner announced next week

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