Low G, Half Step Tuning and Halloween Songs

This Week's Podcast is mostly about Low G tuning. If you ever wanted to know: does Low G Tuning require a different string, how do I know if I have a Low or High G, what are the pros and cons for Low VS High G, or can I learn from UU with a Low G ukulele, all these questions and more are answered on this Week's Live Lesson. Also discussed is Half Step tuning, tuning by ear, the Hertz settings on tuners, and Halloween/Thanksgiving songs. During the latter half of the podcast, the UU Crew reveals their perspective "Jubilant October Afternoon" Songs. They also explain how they took inspiration from other artist and songs to write their own challenge submissions.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Aldrine was on the Hisessions Podcast

4:10 Which Ukulele works with Low G, and do I need a new string for Low G?

5:50 How do I know if I have a High G or Low G?

6:45 Strengths of High/Low G

11:25 Why can't you use the same string for Low and High G?

14:15 If I have a Low G, can I still learn from UU?

17:25 What's Your Favorite Halloween Song? Why is there no Thanksgiving Songs?

19:15 Should I Just Keep one of my Ukeleles Tuned a half step down?

21:45 What is 440 Tuning?

23:30 Tuning by Ear and learning to Adapt

27:00 Tuning a half step down and why do you even need to change the Tuner's hertz?

32:15 Songwriting Challenge #22
Write a song for the song title, "Jubilant October Afternoon"

Disco or Funk (Earth Wind and Fire)
3/4 Time
Use a 9th chord (add9)

37:25 Aldrine's "Jubilant" Song

41:40 Aldrine unintentionally shows how to use a High G Technique on Low G (Rolling with it)

45:20 Kahai's "October" Song

50:25 Aaron's "Afternoon" Song

54:45 How Aaron used Afternoon Delight and Blame it on the Boogie

57:10 Use other Songs and Artist to write your own music

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