Li Hing Bling, Chord Grips, Open Door Reggae, and Rake Picking

What is the Best way to Hold a Chord? The UU Team tries to answer this conundrum on this week's Live Lesson, but first, Aldrine explains what the "Bling" is hanging from his Headstock. The guys remind everyone about the Songwriting Challenge, and encourages everyone to write something even if it isn't going to be a Masterpiece. A member is having trouble switching from Bm to Em, so Aldrine shows 4 different grips that are often overlooked when learning chords. Aaron explains how he works around this problem by using his Palm to Support the ukulele, and using the full chord shapes. Kahai brings up that every chord change is different, and the only way to learn them all is to learn more chords. The same member asks why barring only two strings of the Bb chord is the norm. The Team reveals that there isn't one best way to hold a chord, and justifies why you would want to learn multiple ways to hold the same chord. When someone asks Aldrine how to do the reggae strum, Aldrine uses the analogy of a door opening to demonstrate the timing. Raking is brought up, and along with it, the guys do a deep dive into the genealogy of Guitarist and Ukulele players. The Podcast ends with a Student Review, and a discussion about balancing the things you want to learn, and the things you should learn.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 What is that "Bling" hanging from Aldrine's uke?

4:20 You're not going to write a masterpiece right away. Keep writing anyway

6:55 Songwriting Challenge #22

Write a song for the song title, “Jubilant October Afternoon”

Disco or Funk (Earth Wind and Fire)
3/4 Time
Use a 9th chord (add9)

UU Team Due Date: October 15th
UU Member’s Due Date: October 22nd

8:20 How do you change from Bm to Em? Your grip and thumb matter

17:15 Using a palm support, and playing the full chord shape

18:35 Every Chord Change is different. Learn different ways to hold chords

23:00 Adjust to your own hand, it's not the rules of the land

24:50 How do you do the Reggae Strum?

29:20 With Barre Chords, just Pulse it

30:15 Is there reason for holding Bb by only barring the two bottom strings

35:35 Is "Raking" an ukulele technique?

40:10 How Pure Heart Popularized Rake Picking on the uke. Henrdrix's Version of Mute Picking

44:25 Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mayer (Guitar Player Genealogy)

49:35 Rob's Student Review: Start Soft, Take it slow

54:40 Why Playing Slower does help

1:00:20 Balancing things you should learn, and things you want to learn

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