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We're back in our new Studio for another Live Lesson Podcast. A new type of Songwriting Challenge leads the guys to come up with their own Mandela Effect. We'll see how many UUers write songs about October Skies, and how many write about October Afternoons. Before the new Challenge is made, the team helps someone who brought up the observation that uke covers seem to use more 7th chords than guitar covers. The discussion strays slightly into difficult chords and how difficulty is subjective. Aldrine offers some advice for a Student Review, but is more reflective on how much this Student improved by performing publicly. Praise is given for those who completed the last Songwriting Challenge before the guys come up with the new Challenge. The podcast ends with some talk of new Play Alongs, and the accuracy (100%) of older Play Alongs.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 How's the new studio working out? New Private Lessons times

3:55 Why does it seem like Uke Covers use more 7th chords than Guitar covers?

9:50 Bm7 vs Bm

11:25 You can get away with the "Wrong" Chords

12:55 The Bm7 shouldn't "work" but it does MAGIC!

16:20 Are the most common keys for Uke and Guitar different?

19:50 Scaling the Difficulty (Barre Chords not that scary)

21:50 A Benny Chong Level Chord (Easy and Hard is Relative)

25:15 Robb's Student Review: Consider Where You're Hitting the Strings

28:45 Performing for others will make you better

33:25 Songwriting Submissions

40:10 Songwriting Challenge #22
Write a song for the song title, "Jubilant October Afternoon"

Disco or Funk (Earth Wind and Fire)
3/4 Time
Use a 9th chord (add9)

UU Team Due Date: October 15th
UU Member's Due Date: October 22nd

51:15 The Mysterious Prize

54:05 Why you don't give Aldrine the important stuff

59:55 100% Accurate Everytime (New Play Alongs incoming)

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