Rolls, Knowing Songs, Dark Strings, Sweet Spaghetti, and Chicken Rice

The gang is coming to you LIVE from the New UU Studio. Even though it's a new studio, the guys are still answering questions, and giving advice. The first question they get is about Kanile'a's Mahogany (back and side) ukulele, and how it compares to Koa ukuleles. A member's asks about doing the roll and releasing your fingers in the opposite order. Aldrine reveals that the secret to getting a natural roll is actually the up strum. If the UU Team is talking, you know there has to be one detour into food. The guys come back to ukulele with a couple of student reviews. They suggest one student learn the music more thoroughly, and the other focus on the details. There are a few last minute questions about strings before the team reveals their latest songs.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 We're Live and in our new Studio!

1:30 Have you tried the Kanile`a Oha-T Ukulele? How is it compared to their Koa Models?

5:40 Can you do the roll by releasing the fingers in the opposite order?

10:05 Practicing Pinky to Pointer: it's as easy as opening your hand

11:05 Rolling Secret Revealed: it starts on the Up Strum

15:20 Start with Something Simple

16:20 Shoo Fly and Brushing off Donut Powder

17:20 Does your finger touch the uke's body when you roll?

18:05 Why it's important to twist your wrist

21:55 Jollibee Spaghetti and Chicken

25:45 Aldrine's Food EP

27:45 Wesley's Student Review: Add more to angle to your thumb

31:00 Know the Song and the Chord Pattern

36:20 Ritesh's Student Review: Bring back your thumb, and watch out for your wrist

40:05 Let the Song Breathe

41:10 Organizing Sheet Music

42:25 What Strings are good for making a Uke Sound darker?

49:40 How often should you change strings? (Every other Month)

51:30 Songwriting Challenge #21
Write a two chord song. The whole songs doesn't need to only be two chords, but one part (verse, chorus, intro, bridge) must only have two chords.

Diminished Chord
Major Flat Seven Chord
Hot or Cold Theme

54:50 Aldrine's Chicken Rice Song

59:40 Kahai's Lofi Song

1:05:15 Aaron's Lounge Song

1:14:50 A Shift in the Private Lessons (Lessons are now on Mondays and Tuesdays)

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