Tapping Feet, Big Hands, Small Ukes, and Transitioning to Guitar

While this week's podcast starts off simple enough with a question about tapping your feet, it soon devolves into topics like rhythm games, tiny ukuleles, cheap instruments, and why there are No Excuses for not playing ukulele. The guys try to help a member with tapping his feet and keeping rhythm to fast songs. A brief look at the new UU HQ and Aldrine's office set up brings up the discussion of too small ukes and too big hands. Our own, Aaron Nakamura acts as the shining example that the Musician makes the Instrument. This leads into a few questions about transitioning from Guitar to Ukulele. The guys take a major detour with talks about Jason Mraz, Billie Eilish, and Travis Scott. The podcast ends with the team coming up with a new Play Along idea, and Aldrine doing a throwback to an old Play Along.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Intro

1:15 How do you tap your feet to fast song? Answer: tap the Half Notes

7:15 Tap with your heel, and bounce to the song

9:25 Figure out your own way to feel Rhythm

11:55 Just Groove and Know Your Music

16:35 What if there was a Symphony that played without music?

18:55 Rhythm Games and how Visuals can make it harder to Sync

23:45 The New UU HQ

25:55 Tiny Ukes, Big Hands

28:10 "My hands are too Small"

31:25 Buying more ukes will solve all your problems (or not)

37:55 Aaron's Fluke

41:40 Tradition of Using Cheaper Instruments

45:00 How much relearning do you need if you switch to guitar?

47:25 How do you learn Fingerpicking on Guitar?

50:15 Sopranino and Micro Ukes

53:50 Once you learn one string instrument, it's pretty easy to learn another

58:15 Aldrine is turning in to Jason Mraz

1:02:05 Billie Eilish's Ukulele and Travis Scott's Mcdonald's Meal (Old Men Yells at Clouds)

1:05:45 Just the Two of Us (Nobody Steal This Idea)

1:08:55 Aldrine's Throwback and Sharingan Powers

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