Microphones, Grounding, Two Chords and Artistic Inspiration

The UU Team brings back a couple of trends from past podcast. Aldrine sparks some old school "Tech Talk" when he shows his new Mic. The microphone discussion evolves to include pickups, cables, and grounding issues. After the "Tech Talk" has been exhausted, the guys offer advice to a couple of students who are already on the right path. Songwriting Submissions are due, so Aldrine announces what the Songwriting Challengers have won. Whhile setting the new Challenge, Kahai and Aldrine explain why saving and showing half finished songs is valuable. Aldrine brings back the Two Chord Challenge from last year, and Aaron inspires a bonus chord Challenge from his last song submission. Talking about simple songs reminds the group about one of their favorite Jam Spots on Oahu, and the musicians they got to play with.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Aldrine has a new Mic

4:55 Why are Studio Microphones not used on stage?

6:25 How far should you be away from the mic?

8:00 How much does cables affect sound?

12:10 Will a better cable pick up too much sound/noise?

15:45 Grounding Issues and "Easy" Fixes

23:50 What does Grounding Issues sound like?

25:00 Renee's Student Review: Sync your Right and Left Hand

29:20 Will's Student Review: Add Weight/Move Closer

32:55 Thumb Picks aren't necessary for Strumming

34:40 Continue and Challenge Yourself

37:10 Listen and Imitate

38:10 Songwriting Challenge Submissions

42:00 Why Saving and Showing your Partially Done Songs is good

46:55 Songwriting Challenge #21
Write a two chord song. The whole songs doesn't need to only be two chords, but one part (verse, chorus, intro, bridge) must only have two chords.

Diminished Chord
Major Flat Seven Chord
Hot or Cold Theme

UU Team Due Date: September 24th
UU Member's Due Date: October 1st

56:25 Diamond Head Cove

1:00:20 Part of Aaron's Origin Story

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