Comic Books, Evolution of Harmony, and Frustration

What should you do when you get Frustrated during Practice? Magic Mike Odo is back to help a member with this problem, and offer his wisdom. The podcast starts off with Aldrine showing some found treasures from his parent's house. During a Student Review, the guys remind the importance of being relaxed and calm. Mike makes a slight deviation into Music History and the evolution of harmony. Aldrine's asks Mike if he remembers when he changed Aldrine's career (for the better). From there, the team discuss how effects should compliment your playing, and not be used to hide your deficiencies. With EVERYONE'S songs prepared this week, the team show each other what they came up with. Mike offers his thoughts on the songs, and some last minute Music Theory Vocabulary.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Mike is back. What has he been up to? (How has Kauai Business been?)

5:55 Aldrine's Found Treasures (Comic Talk)

11:10 Wesley's Student Review: Let the Chords Ring and Loosen up

15:30 Practice the Scales

17:45 It's ok to be Frustrated. Stop and take a Breath

21:50 Classical Music and the Evolution of Harmony

24:05 Evolution of Jazz Harmony

27:25 Don't let the Frustrations stick with you. Practice Centering Yourself

33:10 Plant your finger to stabilize your hand. Keep working at it

35:45 How Mike changed Aldrine's Career

40:35 Effects should be a compliment to your playing

45:50 Songwriting Challenge #20
Open Challenge (Write in any Key with any Chords)

Optional Bonuses:
Modulate to Another Key
Folk Song about a Truck Stop Diner or Dinner
End of Summer Song
Song about Sharks

Big Bonus:
Make a Karaoke Track

Suggested Chord Progression:

Key of F: FMajor GMajor BbMajor (CMajor)
Key of C: CMajor DMajor FMajor (GMajor)

49:45 Kahai's Mike Story

51:45 Aldrine's Song

56:05 Kahai's Song

1:00:55 Aaron's Song

1:07:30 Mike's Closing thoughts on the Songs

1:12:00 Adding a flat Seven (Intervallic Mirror Harmony)

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