Louder Strumming, Effects, Amps, and TV Memorabilia

There's no way the guys would go off on a tangent, and talk about what TV Show Memorabilia they wish they could own, right? That would never happen with this Ukulele Focused Podcast, but if you do like those kinds of talks stick to the end of the podcast. The team tries to help a member who's worried about how loud his strumming is. While Aldrine offers some practical advice with changing the curl of your finger, Aaron suggests not overthinking and focusing on having fun first. Next month's song lesson is brought up, and the guys start talking about the Uke Legend, Troy Fernandez. When the discussion shifts to some of the challenges of making UU videos, Kahai and Aaron share some insight on how the "Sausage is made". A question about using an amp to practice reminds Aldrine of the original reason he stopped using effects pedals. Everyone gets one pass; Aldrine uses his to ask for an extension on the Songwriting Challenge. The podcast is ended with a nice surprise and unboxing from a member.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Setting the Bar Low

3:20 Is there a technique to make my strumming louder?

8:40 Don't compare yourself to Processed Ukulele Recordings

10:45 Focus on Playing and Having Fun

14:35 Wiping the Belt: Finding out you Suck can be Exciting

16:00 Perfecting Tone comes later

18:25 Troy Fernandez

23:10 Animating the Fretboard for UU Song Lessons

24:45 What is the hardest Solo Song Kahai has worked on?

25:50 What is the hardest video Aaron worked on?

27:55 How do you animate the Fretboard Diagrams? What Programs do you use?

31:25 Should I use an amp when I practice?

34:50 How often does Aldrine plug into an amp? Why Aldrine doesn't use Effects

38:00 The origin story of Aldrine's minimal set up

44:05 Growing out of Effects: Do they add or distract?

46:25 Everyone gets one: Aldrine needs an extension on his Song

49:35 Try out the Picking for Next Month's Song and Email a video to Questions@ukuleleunderground.com

51:10 What's one piece of memorabilia you'd want from a show?

56:00 Totally Legal Sign and Display Stories

1:01:50 Card Unboxing

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