Hitting the Wall, Hand Coordination, Washing the Belt

What happens when you Hit the Wall? You Drive around it. In this week's podcast, the team discuss approaches you can take when you don't know where to go, and why there's always something new to work on. Aaron gives a tip on improving your right and left hand coordination. Kahai explains why it's ok to work on a song for a long time, and how you should build up to hard songs. Aldrine shares an exciting release from Jake, and talks about Master Teacher, Bruce Shimabukuro. This leads to a conversation on how even Masters need to "Wash their Belts" from time to time. The podcast is topped off with some student reviews, and a question about how long a beginner should spend learning music theory.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Koloa Fish Market and Number 1

4:00 Additional Songwriting Challenge Bonus & Due Dates
Open Challenge (Write in any Key with any Chords)

Optional Bonuses:
Modulate to Another Key
Folk Song about a Truck Stop Diner or Dinner
End of Summer Song
Song about Sharks

Big Bonus:
Make a Karaoke Track

Suggested Chord Progression:

Key of F: FMajor GMajor BbMajor (CMajor)
Key of C: CMajor DMajor FMajor (GMajor)

UU Team Due Date:
August 27th

Member’s Due Date:
September 3rd

7:00 What can you do if your'e stuck and don't know where to go?

9:10 Use the Song Lessons to Pace Yourself

16:05 Left Hand/Right Hand Coordination

21:55 It's ok to work on songs for a long time

26:20 Intermediate and Advanced Players don't ignore the Song Lessons

27:25 If you're stuck, try something new (overcoming your ego)

34:30 Jake and Bruce Shimabukuro

39:35 Even Master's "Wash their Belts"

43:50 Wesley's Student Review: Changing what finger you use to pick

47:30 Slow down and let the notes breath

49:25 Twist your wrist

52:05 Laurie's Review: Practice Chord Switches and Loosen Your Fingers

53:55 Practice in the mirror

56:35 How learning another instrument can make you a better ukulele player

1:00:00 How much time should a new player spend learning music theory?

1:03:40 Music Theory is not rules, Music should come first

1:06:10 Don't overthink theory

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