Abalone Inlays, Cleaning Ukes, Buying Your First Uke, and Karaoke

This Week's Podcast starts off with a very Impressive Student Review. The team also announce who won the "Ukulele Tattoo" contest from last week. A new Songwriting Challenge is set unusually early for the Live Lesson. The Guideline for the Challenge is easy, but the bonuses should make for some interesting song submissions. Talking about Key Modulations brings up the topic of what makes a Groovy Karaoke Song? A member asks the guys for their opinions on Abalone inlays and rosettes, and Aldrine gets to show off his fancy tuning pegs. Someone asks how to teach children to strum, so Aldrine shows how to play with groove instead of a strumming pattern. This leads the guys into sharing stories of when their parents inadvertently made them hate certain songs. When Aldrine explains his "Bridge Wood" Ukulele, a member asks what is the best way to remove smudges from the soundboard. The podcast ends with a discussion about buying your first ukulele, and some recommendations for online ukulele sellers.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Squeaky Start

1:20 Renee's Student Review: Add Inversions

7:55 Ukulele Tattoos Contest Winner

10:30 Songwriting Challenge #20
Open Challenge (Write in any key)

Optional Bonuses:
Modulate to Another Key
Folk Song about a Truck Stop Diner or Dinner
End of Summer Song

Big Bonus:
Make a Karaoke Track

Suggested Chord Progression:
Key of F: FMajor GMajor BbMajor (CMajor)
Key of C: CMajor DMajor FMajor (GMajor)

17:30 What makes a good Karaoke Song?

22:40 Is Blockbuster coming back?

24:05 What do you think about Abalone as a rosette or inlay?

29:30 Aldrine's Tuning Pegs

35:50 How do you teach strumming to Kids? (How to learn Groove)

41:20 How do you keep kid's interested in ukulele? (Parents making music lame)

46:05 Aldrine's "Bridge Wood" Ukulele

48:40 What is the best way to remove smudges from the soundboard? (Cleaning Ukes)

55:25 Are we going to do more Q+A Sessions?

57:15 Buying your first ukulele

1:04:20 Where to buy an ukulele online

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