Harmonics, New Play Alongs, Tiny Whisk, and Matching Tattoos

This week, the guys play connect the dots by connecting Harmonics to Tiny Whisk and Tattoos. The podcast starts off on topic with a Student Review. Aldrine suggests the Student pay more attention to the angle their fingers are picking the strings. Kahai gives the tip to play the note instead of looking for the note. Aaron advises emphasizing the first beat to better feel the Triplet Rhythm of the song. They also talk about the cons of using the wrong string set for a different tuning. An audience member asks where they can get Aldrine's New String Sets? Aldrine answers, and reminds everyone about the new Play Along Channel. Aaron and Aldrine explain the reasoning behind the new channel, and what may be coming to it. The thread starts to unwind when someone asks Aldrine to review Harmonics again. He explains a few ways to play Harmonics, and a new approach that he's been experimenting with. The gang relates these High Level Techniques to specific tools for just the right job (like a Tiny Whisk). This leads to Kahai talking about Chefs who get tattoos of cooking utensil, and what the ukulele player's equivalent would be. The podcast ends with UU discussing what tattoos are cool, and what tattoos they would get. Aldrine also opens up a chance for listeners to win new AGxAQ Strings if they have an Ukulele related tattoo.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Intro

2:00 Wesley's Student Review: Angle of Attack

7:15 Playing not Looking for Notes

9:05 The Cons of Re-tuning without the right strings

13:30 Trust Your Instincts: Move away from the Sheet Music

17:15 Where can I order the New Sets of AGxAQ Strings?

26:55 The Brand New Play Along Channel

33:35 Can you go over Harmonics again?

43:00 Aldrine's new Trick

45:25 Learning Techniques from other Instruments and Highly Specific Tools

51:10 Tattoos

52:55 Email Questions@ukuleleunderground.com with your Ukulele Related Tattoos and Win Strings (Double for UU Tattoos)

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