Circle of 5ths, Transposing, Pinky Mutes, and 90's Games

Learn how you can Transpose easily by playing Simon with the Circle of 5ths. A question leads the guys to discuss Transposing, 5ths, Movable chords, and even some 90's Games. Another member asks for the Magic Secret to Pinky Mutes. When someone asks Aldrine if he plays low G, he gives some hidden examples that people may not be aware of. At the end of the podcast, Aldrine spends some time talking about unique ukuleles in his collection and where around the world they may be.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Intro

1:20 How would you transpose a song from C to A?

10:45 Putting Kahai on the Spot: Using Your Ukulele to Figure out 5ths

16:15 How are the chords numbered on the Circle of 5ths?

23:30 90s Games

24:45 What to do when you're Detailed Oriented

28:40 How to play songs with Chord Positions

34:15 Figuring out Songs by Ear

36:25 How do you play the Pinky Mute in the Reggae Strum?

46:30 Do You Play Low G Ukuleles?

54:00 Where is Aldrine's Ukulele Collection?

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