Tempo, Consistent Fingerpicking, Mixing, Arranging, and Plateauing

How do you add more to a song without overcrowding it? You Pan for Diamonds. The UU guys explain what "Panning" means, and how adjusting the Pan of an instrument can add depth to your song. Before that, they review a couple of Student Reviews, and give Feedback. Aldrine gives advice on keeping a Steady Tempo. Kahai suggests working on Consistent Fingerpicking. Aaron reminds everyone to look back and think about how much you've improved. Giving advice on Arranging, Mixing, and Panning, the team start to talk about how Listening will make you a better Musician. One UU+ member asks, "what do you to do when you Plateau?" UU explains how there's always more to learn, and how learning music is a Journey not a Goal. Aldrine asks Kahai a hypothetical, "if you have to pick between Adam Neely and Jacob Collier?" Aaron tops off the podcast by talking about the Creative Itch, and how Failure is normal for everyone.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Intro

1:50 Wesley's Student Review: Tempo

5:20 Consistency when Fingerpicking

11:05 Renee's Student Review: Adding Variation

14:45 Where do I post a video for Student Review?

19:00 Layering with inversions and Panning

24:10 What is Panning and Stereo?

33:55 How listening makes you a better musician

38:25 How do you soften instruments (cowbell) in the mix?

40:50 Will the Private Lessons or 1 on 1 Coaching help if I Plateaued?

46:05 It's about the Journey not the Destination

55:05 Adam Neely or Jacob Collier?

57:15 The Creative Itch and Failure

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