Branching Skill Trees, Calluses, and Feeling Rhythm

This Week, the podcast is filled with a variety of subjects. The guys start off by discussing how to define Skill Levels. Aldrine states the importance on not letting labels like Beginner or Intermediate define you. Aaron explains how learning music is more like Growing a Tree. Everyone needs a Foundational Base, but you can choose how to Branch Off. A member asks about Calluses which leads Aldrine to talk about what he's doing to keep his calluses, and new things he's been Practicing since lockdown. The same member asks about alternatives for tapping your foot to keep time. The team answers with a conversation about Feeling Rhythms in different ways, and using your whole body to Feel the Beat. Kahai plays his Anime Inspired Live Lesson opening song, and the podcast is finished with some book and string recommendations for Baritone Players.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Dripping in UU Merch

1:25 How do you define different skill levels?

10:30 Branching off the Skill Tree

15:40 Ukulele Points System and Music is Subjective

19:30 Are there any tips for calluses?

21:50 Practicing during lockdown

25:50 Alternatives to tapping your feet

29:10 Feeling Rhythm

41:50 Shipping Woes

44:35 Kahai's Song

50:55 What Books are good for learning chords on the Baritone?

54:05 High D for Baritone

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  1. Thanks! This was quite inspiring. After reading Kahai’s response and listening to this podcast I feel content being somewhere in the beginner range 🙂
    I do notice improvement as I continue to practice, so I am just going to enjoy the journey.

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