Bb, Natural Minor Scales, Audience Request, and Theme Songs

On this Week's Podcast, Aldrine reveals his Magnum Opus for the Theme Song Songwriting Challenge; Aaron shows and explains his 90's Sitcom inspired song; and Kahai ask for an extension. Before the guy's show their songs (most of their songs anyway), they answer some questions on different ways of playing the Bb Chord, and the Natural Minor Scale. They also discuss balancing Audience Request, and how to handle "Persistent" Audience members. Continuing their ongoing Nicktoons talk, Aldrine shows off his latest 90's Memorabilia.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Intro

1:15 What are the Pros and Cons of barring the Bb chord?

7:55 Does the circle of fifths and chord family only apply to the natural minor?

11:40 How do you balance audience request and songs that you want to play?

21:35 How do you deal with a pestering song request?

33:35 Aldrine's Collectible

36:10 Songwriting Challenge #19
Key of A

Optional Bonuses:
Alternate Tuning
TV Show Theme Song

Super Bonus:
Write a Theme Song for the TLL Podcast

Suggested Chord Progression:
A Bm D E7 (I ii IV V)

UU Members (and Kahai's) Due Date: July 16th

37:30 Aldrine's Magnum Opus

40:35 Kahai needs an extension

43:05 Aaron's Sitcom Song

54:40 Hamilton

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