Electric Signs, Recreating Music Videos, Improvising and Soloing

It's Electric! This week the guys jump in to the podcast talking about the latest Play-Along. This leads to a behind the scenes look at how the team made the Play-Along, and what Aaron's Dream Play-Along would be. The talk moves to Improvising and Soloing when a member asks Aldrine if he plans his solos. Aldrine breaks down how he tackles solos, and what he thinks about when soloing. Aaron explain that once you know "Safe Notes" you also know how to play "Unsafe Notes". Aldrine goes on to to talk about Improvising as Self Expression, and how he uses Improvising in other situations besides playing music. A question about a Singing App leads to the discussion of whether Singing helps your Playing and Vice Versa. The podcast ends with focusing on being the best you, how kids learn so fast, and getting the right feeling.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Ask us 90's questions

3:15 How did you make the Electric Boogie Play-Along?

14:00 Recreating Music Videos and Aaron's Dream Play-Along?

21:00 Do you plan your Improvisations and Solos?

26:20 What does Aldrine visualize when he Solos?

28:30 Practicing "Unsafe" Notes

35:30 Improv: Pure Self Expression

37:30 When you're soloing do you think ahead or stumble across something?

39:30 "YES AND" Improvising and Playing to the Crowd

48:35 Have you ever used the Acapella App?

51:00 Does Singing help your Playing and does Playing help your Singing?

54:15 Be the best "YOU"

56:35 Why Kids Learn so Fast

1:01:35 Aaron's Learning to shoot a Basketball

1:06:05 Songwriting Challenge #19
Key of A

Optional Bonuses:
Alternate Tuning
TV Show Theme Song

Super Bonus:
Write a Theme Song for the TLL Podcast

Suggested Chord Progression:
A Bm D E7 (I ii IV V)

UU Team Due Date: July 9th
UU Members Due Date: July 16th

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